This Pakistani startup makes it to the Health-Focused USA Accelerator Program

Written by Aqsa Khunshan ·  1 min read >

Pakistani health-focused startup, AzaadHealth has been selected in the US-based accelerator program – the StartUp Health. The program has selected 10 startups from all around the globe as a part of its latest cohort.

Founded in 2011, StartUp Health is a US-based program dedicated to supporting a global army of entrepreneurs working on improving the health industry through innovative and creative ideas and methods. It now has the world’s largest portfolio of digital health companies from over 12 countries and continues to grow that number with each passing year.

AzaadHealth is a Pakistani startup that is among the selected startups in StartUp Health program in the US. The startup is working and focusing on an online healthcare platform to fulfil all of a person’s health needs. The startup is aimed to develop a complete online platform that also provides the user with insights about their health and well-being by using data analytics of a person. They also reached the finals of MedHealth, a global healthcare competition.

AzaadHealth is an online HIPAA (Standard healthcare protocols introduced by the US) compliant platform which allows healthcare providers and patients to share medical information.

Led by Syed Abrar Ahmed, AzaadHealth is the first global blockchain-powered data exchange network which is not based on crypto coins or mining that assemble an individual’s medical data from multiple sources into one platform and later share with insurance providers, researchers, doctors and family. Their mission is to prevent every death and suffering caused by medical errors.

Syed Abrar, the founder and the current CEO of AzaadHealth shared with a local news source “We are working on a HIPAA compliant, permissioned blockchain network powered by HyperLedger,”

He further shared, “Right now they are connecting us with several insurance providers in the US so that we may get feedback from our potential clients.”

Written by Aqsa Khunshan
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