Pakistani YouTuber killed while making a prank video

By Shaoor Munir on
December 27, 2018
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A Pakistani YouTuber, who runs the channel Lahori Vines, was shot while he was filming a prank with the help of his friends. According to reports, he was making a “Ghost Prank” along with his friends Abdul Saboor and Hasnat Ali. The prank went sideways, resulting in the death of Rana Zuhair (pictured wearing black in the photograph).

Upon inspection of his channel Lahori Vines, it is evident that it was not the first prank attempted by him and his friends. However, this latest prank proved to be fatal when he tried to scare people by wearing a white sheet over his head and disguising as a ghost. During all this commotion, some shots were fired and, unfortunately, one of them hit Rana Zuhair, resulting in his untimely death.

Police have taken his friends in custody and an investigation has been started to get to the bottom of this whole incident.

Pranking has become a popular trend with new YouTubers over the past few years. Although most YouTubers opt for harmless pranks which carry with them a minimal risk for both the instigators and participants, however, there have been reports of some pranks resulting in ugly and undesirable scenarios.

It is advised to show restraint during the making of these videos and avoid indulging in pranks which can cause harm to yourself or others.

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