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Pakistan’s digital revolution: IT Ministry to conduct first-ever Digital Pakistan policy roundtables

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As part of the endeavor to materialize Prime Minister Imran Khan’s Digital Pakistan vision, the IT ministry plans on holding Digital Pakistan Policy Roundtables, titled “Improving Lives through Modern, Affordable & Reliable Digital Services,” the Ministry of Information Technology announced on Tuesday. The roundtables will be held in Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad, beginning from the 24th of March, in collaboration with the following institutions:

  • PSEB (Pakistan Software Export Board)
  • NITB (National Information Technology Board)
  • P@SHA (Pakistan Software Houses Association)
  • NTC (National Telecommunication Corporation)
  • VU (Virtual University)

One of the conferences’ key objectives is to invite stakeholders from the public & private Sectors, academia & donor agencies to give their recommendations on the policy’s key pillars:

  • E-governance
  • ICT Infrastructure
  • Human Resource Development
  • Innovation & Entrepreneurship
  • Fintech
  • E-commerce & digital platforms
  • IT/TeS Development
  • Exports, Privacy, and Security

The recommendations will ultimately lead to the formulation of a robust digital policy.

“Pakistan Digital Policy Round-table 2021 provides an opportunity to examine the parallels between policy pillars and emerging changes in the technology space. It also reviews and suggests the diversity of socio-technical aspects,”  says Nadeem A. Malik – a member of the PM’s taskforce for IT & Telecom.

The Digital Pakistan 2021 policy, which is yet to be introduced, will support Pakistan’s digital transformation by ensuring affordable and credible digital services to enhance the citizens’ quality of life and economic well-being. The policy sets out the Ministry of IT’s legislative obligations, including the need to enact the required policy frameworks, laws, and regulations that establish a sustainable IT climate.

“Digital Pakistan Policy 2021 roundtable will help us in aligning our efforts towards a prosperous Pakistan”, added Osman Nasir, managing director – PSEB.

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Written by Ahsan Zafeer
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