Punjab Government launches a web service for smart monitoring of schools

By Maryam Dodhy on
July 8, 2015
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The Government of Punjab, as a part of their Open Data Strategy, has launched a system for smart monitoring of all public schools in this region. This service will allow users to check the day to day statistics of a school.

The website charts the data of 52, 695 public schools and also provides links to heat maps, annual performances, and monthly indicators. The government of Punjab has hired over 950 monitoring officers who are tasked with making spot visits to the public schools assigned to them and gather all the relevant data regarding teacher presence, student attendance, school cleanliness and school facilities.

Once you head on over to the website you can select any city from the heat map. The data for a city is separated on the basis of districts and tehsils. A tabular chart shows the various statistics collected over time. You can even check the individual statistics of the various public schools listed on the website.

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Considering the number of ‘ghost schools’ that have sprouted up here and there, this service can help keep a check on them. The school information includes a slot that mentions whether a school is open or not and lists a reason if it has been closed. It also included the record of total teachers and absent teachers, the headmasters details and the enrollment details of the students.

The Government of Punjab’s post about this service states that the data is collected in real-time and if you keep refreshing your browser the statistics are bound to change due to the ongoing spot visits. However, the latest data present for almost all the schools on the website is for the month of May.

We hope this website will be maintained over time because it can help the government immensely in improving the conditions of the public schools most of whom are in a miserable state.

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