Punjab police plans on deploying drones to catch kite flyers

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With kite flying experiencing a sudden surge in popularity during these times of quarantine, the Punjab Police has decided to crack down on all responsible individuals with the help of surveillance drones. These drones will be used to locate, identify, and ultimately arrest people engaged in kite flying in the region.

Even though there is a ban on flying kites, people have stubbornly chosen to ignore the law in favor of entertainment. This is understandable, considering how the nationwide lockdown doesn’t give you a lot op options to keep yourself entertained at home. However, this ignorance tends to come at the cost of human lives thereby making it a problem to be dealt with.

For anyone living in Punjab, the dangers associated with kite flying are no secret. Every year, a multitude of deaths are reported that are either directly or indirectly caused by this activity. Mostly, it’s individuals engrossed in flying their kites falling from their rooftops or getting electrocuted while in the act of catching a kite. Sometimes, innocent bike riders end up getting killed as glass-coated kite strings slit their throats.

The incidents have been too frequent and fatal to be ignored, which is why the police’s latest development to put an end to these activities is a welcome move. These drones will reportedly be fitted with cameras that will perform mass surveillance in various regions, especially those where kite flying incidents tend to be particularly common.

In addition to using drone cameras, the Punjab Police has also decided to launch an aggressive crackdown against kite sellers to prevent the distribution of kites in the first place.

Written by Hamza Zakir
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