Question for our readers: How are the Black Friday Sales going this year?

By TechJuice on
November 20, 2017
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Major ecommerce stores in Pakistan have already gone ahead with their Black Friday Sales. Although, the Black Friday typically happens on the last Friday of month November, followed by Cyber Monday and Small and Medium Business day. But in Pakistan, in order to win over customers and get the maximum conversions on one’s sites, ecommerce stores have launched the sale, well, a week ahead.

While the TechJuice team is busy investigating the best and worst deals. We thought we might ask you, our readers, about how your experience has been so far on Black Friday Sales. Are the deals really a steal as they appear to do so? or once again shopping websites did inflate the prices of items before going live on sale?

If you are just planning to buy something, check out our handy guide on Black Friday. It tells how you can save money and identify whether a deal is a real deal or a scam.

TechJuice will be sharing some of the best deals from across the internet on this Thursday. We will make sure our readers save money and get maximum value out of these. While we are busy curating those, do tell us your favorite deals, what would you like to see and what have you bought already.

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