Rate your facial expressions against an emoji using this app from Microsoft

By Shaheryar Ehsan on
November 19, 2018
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Emoji8 is an app developed by Microsoft that uses Machine Learning to evaluate your facial expressions and rate them against an emoji. The app will provide you with an emoji to mimic and will assign a relevance score based on how well you are able to replicate it. The bad news? It’s only available on the Windows Store for now.

The reason behind this app is to show how far Microsoft has progressed with its Machine Learning algorithms and how flexible they are in interacting with a simultaneous data flow. In this particular case, the video feed from a user’s webcam is first constantly scanned for a face and then the Machine Learning algorithms continuously match the facial expressions to the relevant emoji being displayed on the screen.

If you feel you have scored a high figure of accuracy, you can convert your facial expression to a corresponding GIF which you can then share with other people on Twitter. The next time you successfully replicate a laughing emoji, you can send it to your friend instead of the emoji itself. Beware of memes afterward tho.

Are you willing to try out this app?

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