Spotify Cuts Around 6% of its Staff in the Latest Round of Tech Layoffs

Quoting a need of improve efficiency, the Swedish music-streaming giant said that it would lay off around 600 employees...

Jan 24 ·>

Microsoft Strengthens It’s Alliance With ChatGPT And OpenAI: The Makers Of Dall-E

Microsoft is the leading software company that has been operating for ages to facilitate users. This time, Microsoft announced...

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Jan 24 ·>

Microsoft Plans To Build OpenAI, ChatGPT Features In All Microsoft Products

Microsoft, a leading tech company, is planning to incorporate tools like ChatGPT and OpenAI to facilitate businesses and end...

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Jan 18 ·>

Cybercriminals Are Using ChatGPT To Create Hacking Tools And Code

Professional and experienced cyber criminals are using chatGPT to create hacking tools and code. The latest news has revealed...

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Jan 12 ·>

Microsoft to Invest $10 Billion in Chat GPT AI

Its reported that the owner and operator of Chat GPT is in discussion with Microsoft, once completed, this $10...

Jan 11 ·>

Microsoft to Stop Supporting Windows 7 and 8 Next Week

For no disturbance in usage Microsoft has advised users to change onto new Windows until 10th January On 10th...

Jan 5 ·>
Microsoft Windows 7 Support ended

Microsoft Is All Set To Acquire Netflix In 2023

Microsoft constantly works to acquire new ventures and produce something new in the market. No doubt, Microsoft has been...

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Dec 23 ·>

Microsoft Lays Off 1,000 Employees For “Structural Adjustment”

Microsoft confirmed Monday evening that it cut jobs across the company, citing its business priorities, and has fired 1,000...

Oct 20 ·>

Mark Zuckerberg Loses 119 Million Followers, Left With 10,000 Followers Now

Hundreds of users of Meta’s Facebook are complaining about losing the majority of their followers on the social media...

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Microsoft for Startups MEA celebrates graduation of second cohort of GrowthX Accelerator program

Microsoft for Startups, in partnership with the Abu Dhabi Investment Office (ADIO), graduated 21 startups from the second GrowthX...

Jun 30 ·>

Microsoft for Startups MEA’s GrowthX Accelerator cohort 2 reaches conclusion mark

The second edition of Microsoft for Startups’ GrowthX Accelerator program is nearly through completion, with the cohort of 21...

Jun 22 ·>

‘He was a good tool to download other browsers’: viral Internet Explorer gravestone

How many browsers can claim to have a special gravestone dedicated in their memory? Well, for now, only the...

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Jun 20 ·>