Hong Kong Universities Relent To Rise And Other AI Tools For Teaching And Assignments But Keep Eye Out For Plagiarism

Ashley Kam Cheuk, a second-year marketing student at the Hong Kong University And Technology, was assigned to design an...

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Sep 5 · >

Google Introduces Generative AI to Search in India and Japan

First launched in the United States, Google generative AI Search will show text and image results or even summaries...

Aug 31 · >

Microsoft Excel Will Now Let You Run Python Scripts as Formulas

Excel users will not have to install any additional software or add-on since Python integration will be part of...

Aug 24 · >

Google is Building an AI That Offers Life Advice

Recent report from the New York Times suggests that Google has teamed up with the DeepMind research lab and...

Aug 23 · >

Microsoft Paint Might Soon Get AI Features on Windows 11

Microsoft Paint users on Windows 11 might soon be able to use AI features such as ‘text to image’...

Aug 23 · >

Microsoft Shuts Down Cortana on Windows 11

A digital assistant similar to Alexa, Cortana was first launched for Windows Phone, making its way to Windows 10...

Aug 14 · >

You Will Soon be Able to Use Bing Chat on Mobile Browsers

Marking the six-month anniversary for Bing Chat, Microsoft has decided to celebrate by launching the Bing Chat for third-party...

Aug 8 · >

Mark Zuckerberg And Satya Nadella Confirms AI Deal: Partnership Announces On Instagram

Mark Zuckerberg, owner of Meta, and Satya Nadella of Microsoft confirm the AI deal on Instagram. Mark Zuckerberg and...

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Jul 20 · >

Microsoft Bing Chat Will Now Allow You to Search With Images

Named ‘Visual Search’, the feature allows users to upload images and search the web for content related to the...

Jul 19 · >

Microsoft Signs Agreement to Keep Call of Duty on PlayStation

Signing a deal to keep Call of Duty on PlayStation definitely helps Microsoft ease anti-competitive concerns around its acquisition...

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Jul 18 · >

Microsoft Launches AI Image Creator: Is it Really Better Than DALL-E 2?

Generating images similar to top AI image generators, Microsoft’s new AI Image Creator is free and you don’t even...

Jul 6 · >

Sony Might Release a $399 PS5 Slim Later This Year

Leaked reports suggest that the PS5 Slim will contain the same hardware as the PS5, but will have a...

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Jul 5 · >