Rewatch lets companies organize and save meetings, cutting down on worker fatigue

Avatar Written by Taha Abdullah · 55 sec read>

Working from home is something that almost all of us have had to get used to in the past year, and while it has its upsides, it can pose many challenges as well. One of these challenges is burnout caused by incessant meetings and conferences necessary to coordinate work efficiently between coworkers living in different time zones and managing different schedules. Making it to every single meeting while juggling chores can be a hassle, to which Rewatch might offer a viable solution.

Rewatch is a new video-conferencing solution which lets companies store meetings and conference calls in private video channels for employees to review them at their own convenience. The platform was co-founded by former GitHub employees Connor Sears and Scott Goldman to solve what they call “Zoom fatigue” by making catching up with video calls simpler and easier. Recorded meetings are uploaded to a database and organized into channels, described as ‘mini YouTube channels’ for easy access. Tags can also be added to the meetings to help employees find relevant material more quickly, and notes can be used to avoid any ambiguity.

Rewatch has been pretty successful so far and has raised $2 million in pre seed funding. Several renowned investors such as GitHub’s CTO Jason Warner and Semil Shah from Haystack. The service will use a subscription-based business model and has secured a number of initial customers, including GitHub, already. The company has some competition, though, in the form of German company Acapela, which uses a similar asynchronous meetings idea, and Storyboard, which focuses on audio content.