Ahmad Awais – a Pakistani Developer and YouTuber Received The Gold GitHub Stars Award

A prominent developer and tech enthusiast named Ahmad Awais has recently received one of the most coveted awards in...

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Rewatch lets companies organize and save meetings, cutting down on worker fatigue

Working from home is something that almost all of us have had to get used to in the past...

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Jan 6 · >

Pakistan among top 10 countries with highest growth rate in open source contributions: GitHub report

It appears that the Pakistani developer community has been pretty active this year! According to a new report released...

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Dec 22 · >

GitHub improves mobile code review with new features

Back in March, GitHub evolved its contributions to the coding community by launching a mobile app that allows developers...

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Oct 15 · >

GitHub introduces its very own mobile application

GitHub announced a number of new products at their annual Universe conference, on the 13th of November. The highlight...

Nov 14 · >

Pakistan ranks among the fastest growing countries in open source projects, GitHub report

Right around this time every year, GitHub, the world’s leading software development and collaboration platform, releases a report called...

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Nov 10 · >

Microsoft’s Windows terminal is now available via Microsoft store

Microsoft’s windows terminal is now live in the Windows Store, the command line app dubbed as Windows terminal was...

Jun 24 · >

GitHub announces unlimited private repositories for free account holders

It has been 6 months since Microsoft acquired GitHub for $7.5 billion and already we are starting to see...

Jan 7 · >

Now you can write with a stylus on Windows 10’s mail app

Microsoft is bringing a new update for Windows 10’s Mail app that supports inking capabilities which let you write...

Jun 27 · >

Microsoft has acquired GitHub for $7.5 billion

Microsoft has now acquired GitHub in a $7.5 billion full-stock deal that will close later this year. Rumors were...

Jun 5 · >

Is Microsoft acquiring GitHub?

Microsoft is contemplating a full acquisition of the popular code repository, GitHub. According to Business Insider, the two technology...

Jun 2 · >

Facebook announces a new unit of time to help sync video frame rates

A flick (frame-tick) is a very small unit of time. It measures 1/705600000 of a second. Facebook has launched...

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