Sales tax on Mobile Phone imports doubled in budget 2015-16

Written by Mohammad Farooq ·  29 sec read >

The regulatory duty on the importation of mobile phones has been scrapped in this year’s budget 2015/16 as announced by the Finance minister Ishaq Dar today. The sales tax applicable on all mobile phones of various kinds has been revised & doubled from Rs 150, 250, 500 to about Rs 300, 500 and Rs 1,000.

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So, from now onwards all mobile phone cost trajectory will take an upward trend and be more expensive for the end consumer from tomorrow. Due to this increase, mobile shops will start charging more money to cover up the imposition of this sales tax which will be recovered from the consumer at the end of the day. So in hindsight the mobile shopkeepers will ensure that all the cost is borne by the end consumer.

Written by Mohammad Farooq
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