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Samsung Note 7 recall now official in the US with CPSC

Written by Behlol Nawaz ·  49 sec read >
Galaxy Note 7

After Samsung’s announcement for the recall of its Galaxy Note 7 phones earlier this month, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has officially announced the recall of Samsung’s flagship phone in the US.

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The recall announcement applies to all Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices sold in the US before 15th September 2016, which amount to 1 million according to the official statement. The US CPSC had earlier advised customers against the use of Note 7 phones due to the battery based fire hazard. However, this recall announcement has practical outcomes.

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Due to CPSC’s recall, there will be restrictions on the import, sale, and distribution of recalled phones inside the United States, in accordance with its federal law. Carriage of such devices on flights to the US will also be prohibited.

Prior to the official CPSC announcement, there were also issues with the replacement procedure, as some retailers awaited the official CPSC approval to distribute the replacement phones.

According to Samsung, the replacement devices will start being available from 21st September 2016 at most retailers. Boxes of the new Note 7 phones will be marked with an “S” mark and/or a black square on its label for the ease of identification.

Image source and official statement – United States Consumer Product Safety Commission