Samsung issues a massive global recall of Note 7

By Muneeb Ahmad on
September 2, 2016
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Samsung the largest mobile smartphone manufacturer is reportedly going to issue a worldwide recall of its latest flagship from the Note series, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, following the increasing number of reports of battery catching fire while charging. This is an embarrassing situation for Samsung. Galaxy Note 7 was launched just a month ago.

A local news agency hailing from South Korea, the hub of Samsung Inc, has reported that a recall is imminent and could occur as soon as the coming week in order to further investigate the growing number battery explosion cases. According to the news agency, there have been 5 incidents of Note 7 catching fire whereas, Samsung said that it has been reported over 30 cases worldwide.

Samsung has been taking the issue quite seriously just recently it delayed the Note 7 shipments as well. It also has ordered the UK network carriers to halt the Note 7 launch which is set to occur coming week.

The report further mentioned that Samsung was discussing with its launch partners (including the network carriers) on how to process the callback. The info leads will be made available to the general public just in a couple of days.

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