Samsung patents foldable AR glasses, inspired by Iron Man?

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July 15, 2019
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Samsung’s could still be struggling with the launch of its first foldable smartphone yet it didn’t stop the tech giant to proceed with its ambitions of developing foldable smart glasses.

We don’t know what actually has inspired the South Korean tech giant in its new ambitions; whether it’s Google, Apple or some comic-based character with fantasy glasses that also used AR tech was worth billions. But what we do know is that Samsung is exploring the possibility of developing augmented reality glasses, based on one of its latest patent applications as reported by Patently Apple.

The patent filed by world’s largest phone maker to the US Patent & Trademark Office reveals a foldable device that looks more like a typical pair of glasses. The AR glasses have much thicker frames to accommodate its electronic components than the Samsung Gear VR. Meanwhile, the final device could end up being vastly different, the current design is an eyepiece that automatically switches on when it was unfolded.

When Samsung’s upcoming tech will be unfolded, the glasses’ projector would beam images on the small display placed over the field of view of whoever wears the glassed. To make sure the device doesn’t accidentally switch off if the user turns their head wrong, it looks like the company is thinking of using magnetic sensors to make sure it remains in the unfolded position until the wearer deliberately folds it.

All in all, what you just witnessed is a mere patent application that Samsung may never launch because the company didn’t explain what specific components it intends to use in its upcoming glasses.

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