New PTA Taxes On Samsung Galaxy S23 Series (Aug,2023)

We have spoken a lot about iPhone taxes and with time government is constantly imposing taxes on iPhones. This...

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Aug 7 · >

New Business Of Stolen Cellphones Starts In Karachi:Patching

Karachi is still dealing with robberies and street crimes  Mobile phone snatching is at the peak  Only CPLC or...

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Aug 4 · >

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 and Galaxy Z Fold5: Delivering Flexibility and Versatility Without Compromise

With an innovative form factor enhanced by new Flex Hinge for a balanced design, and pro-grade camera capabilities with...

Jul 26 · >

5 Major Reasons Companies Are Banning The Use Of ChatGPT

Despite having so many capabilities, many companies have banned chatGPT and restricted their employees from using chatGPT. Since its...

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Jun 28 · >

Google Pixel Fold Review: Unlock The Gap

The pixel fold is a powerful, user-friendly device that gives the pleasure of using it with complete confidence. The...

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Jun 27 · >

Apple Bans Use of ChatGPT in its Offices

Joining in after Samsung, Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan, Apple becomes the newest company to ban ChatGPT in its...

May 19 · >

Samsung Bans Use of AI Tools Such as ChatGPT in its Offices

This decision to restrict generative AI usage is made after a Samsung employee accidentally leaked sensitive data to OpenAI’s...

May 2 · >

Thinnest Bezel SmartPhone:iPhone 15 Pro Max

iPhone 15 Pro Max is ready to break the records of all high-tech advanced smartphones having the thinnest Bezels....

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Mar 21 · >

Samsung Collaborates With US Company To Produce First 5nm AI-Chips For Self-Driving Cars

Samsung has planned to supply AI chips for self-driving cars: Ambarella, a tier-1 automotive supplier developing high-accuracy video encoders,...

Feb 27 · >

OnePlus Will Introduce First Foldable Phone In 2023

On February 8, OnePlus organized a major launch event and showcased multiple products, including the worldwide debut of its...

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Feb 9 · >

360° Rotating Folding Phone By Samsung

Samsung is one of the leading mobile phone companies. For ages, Samsung has been making high-tech smartphones in the...

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Jan 20 · >

Major Cellular Companies Are Planning To Shut Down Assembly In Pakistan

Multinational companies in Pakistan are planning to shut down their mobile phone assembly units in Pakistan. The primary step...

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Jan 18 · >