Shell Tameer to fuel 5 energy and clean water innovations

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Shell Tameer, a social investment program by Royal Dutch Shell executed Tameer Dice Shark, a business plan competition at NED University, Karachi. In collaboration with DICE Foundation USA, the competition aimed at encouraging social innovators that are developing solutions for a greener and cleaner energy future of Pakistan.

Shell Tameer focuses on enterprise development and provides budding young entrepreneurs with access to essential business knowledge and customized support to transform their ideas into a viable and sustainable business. The program also contributes to national economic growth by promoting entrepreneurship development in Pakistan.

In a two-day activity, 35 young innovations from eight universities across Pakistan participated to pitch their innovations focusing to solve the environmental challenges of the country.

Prior to the final competition, the participants were trained through a day-long Shell Tameer workshop on idea pitching to help them prepare for their presentations in the final round.

In the final round, 15 finalists pitched their innovations to an eminent judging panel that included, Dr. Mohammad Kamran Mumtaz – Chairperson Management, IBA, Dr. Najam Anjum – Assistant Professor, IBA, Mukesh Kumar – Provincial Chief, SMEDA Sindh, Sarosh Haider – Founder and CTO mrigroup. net, Mr. Muhammad Ali Sheikh and Daniyal Naiyer from Shell Pakistan Limited.

The top five business ideas won a seed capital through the Tameer Dice Shark. They will further receive mentorship and support from Shell Tameer to help develop their ideas into commercially viable enterprises.

Here is a look at all the winners of Tameer Dice Shark,

1. Water Conserver, NED University

Water Conserver is the winning solution that stops water wastage from the tanks installed in households. Using a device that integrates a 9V control signal to ensure safety and easy installation, the solution can be developed for $15 only.

2. Pelton Wheel Turbine, Wah Engineering College

The first runner-up, this turbine offers an improved design and fabrication of Pelton Wheel Turbine with re-engineered blades and auxiliary attachments to harvest more energy from water.

3. Energy Harvesting using Piezo Electric Material, NED University

The second runner-up solution harvests energy from the human body and converts kinetic energy into power using Piezo Electric Material.

4. Gas Furnace Automation, Hamdard University

The Tameer Energy Innovator Award recipient offers a solution through a low-cost combustion design that controls air to fuel ratio of a gas furnace.

5. Solar Desalination, NED University

The Tameer Water Innovator Award recipient offers water treatment and purification through solar desalination to provide clean drinking water to households.

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