Sindh Government to start registering mobile phones with CNIC numbers

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The Sindh Government is stepping up its game against robbed and snatched mobile phones.

In order to curb the rising menace of mobile devices being snatched by robbers and thieves, the Sindh government is devising a new plan. In this regard, members of the Sindh government approached the Interior Ministry where they expressed their interest to start registering mobile phones against CNIC numbers.

The decision has been taken in order to put an end to mobile snatching. The government officials said that they had noticed numerous cases where people did not report that their mobile got snatched and this was encouraging robbers and thieves. Moreover, these stolen phones could easily be sold anywhere since there were no complaints about the theft.

Dawn got hold of the letter which the Sindh government wrote to the Interior Ministry and it stated,

“A meeting for curbing sale and purchase of snatched mobile phones was held on July 31 under the chairmanship of the home minister with all stakeholders, including representatives from telecom companies and Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA).

“During the discussions, it was proposed that a mobile phone set should be registered against a CNIC number so that the person whose phone is snatched or stolen may complain to relevant authorities, including the CPLC. The quarters concerned will then immediately block the IMEI, thereby making the snatched mobile phone useless.

“The PTA director, in the meeting, suggested that the ministry of the interior may be approached to explore the possibility of registration of cellphones against the CNIC numbers. Therefore, we request you to issue necessary directions to the PTA to explore its possibility.”

It would worth mentioning here that the PTA is also stepping up its game in this regard and is reportedly working on a system to block stolen phones. Under the Mobile Devices Identification, Registration and Blocking Regulations, PTA will establish Mobile Devices Identification, Registration and Blocking System(DIRBS) to ensure that “non-compliant mobile devices shall not be imported, sold, marketed or connected with the mobile operators’ networks.”

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