Smart Dubai Seeks the Help of PITB

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The Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) has received a request from the Dubai Police in developing new technologies to serve the law enforcement organization and the citizens.

The Dubai Police Chief and head of “Smart Dubai” initiative, Abdullah Khalifa, made a formal request to the Punjab Information Technology Board during a meeting on Sunday. The meeting was held between Abdullah Khalifa and the Chairman of the PITB who is also the Vice Chancellor of Information Technology University (ITU) Punjab, Dr Umar Saif.

The meeting highlighted the milestones reached by the Punjab Information Technology Board with the participants agreeing that the efforts are in line with the goals of the Smart Dubai initiative.

Dr Umar Saif said that it is a great moment for not just PITB but all Pakistani citizen as it is a huge confidence in the abilities of the Information Technology sector of Pakistan. It is also a major step towards the development of automation capabilities for the country.

Dr Saif also said that because Punjab held about 60 percent of the population of Pakistan, it has been developed through technology facilitation of common citizens, elimination of malpractices and delays in service delivery, and quick delivery of the needed services.

Dr Saif also brought to light the fact that all the 712 police stations in the 36 districts of Punjab have benefited from technological digitization. Each police officer has been trained to use the new technology with the result that all processes that involve the police are now carried out faster than before. These included lodging of complaints to the investigation stage other processes.

These efforts, he said, had been recognized by the whole world with the Dubai Police department being one of the parties destined to benefit from the same. Already, the Nigerian Haj was benefiting from the efforts observed in Pakistan’s Haj. Such worldwide recognition is a strong indication that the Punjab Information Technology Board is taking major steps towards a world reliant on technology. The world will thus benefit from its efforts to further grow its capabilities.

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