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While brainstorming one hardly comes up with an idea not seen in real world already by someone else. However, StuffWrap is as fresh as the name. Just a click away at, the website is yet working in its Alpha mode but has got all the features of a fully functional social media platform.

What amazes the user is its unique niche. Social media might have been a substitute word for Facebook and Twitter some 5 years back but not now for sure. Each of the new technology ventures has now come up with more than just an idea backing it and this one is no different. Who would have thought to come up with a social interaction platform to buy, sell and swap with people in your social circle?

Make a Wish, Post it to Come True


Did this sound like Aladdin’s genie? Yes it is exactly the same…

All one has to do is make an account or signup directly using Facebook or LinkedIn accounts. Moving on fill in the details that you want to and that is all. You can list the things you have, the ones you want to sell, the ones you want to buy or swap if any of your friends (people in your circle) or friends-of-friends want to do so.

Not only that, the website serves as the full fledge expressive social website for stuff collection beyond just a classifieds forum. One can easily put in plans of new purchases (if he/she has any). With that not only one can get to find the stuff from a friend but also get to know if it is worth a buy or not. Making negotiations is also an option in response to offers.

It is way too flexible than ordinary buying and selling

This is not Amazon or Ebay or OLX or 24Adverts… Its stuff wrapping socially!

No one has friends, negotiations or social circle at a single platform. This is one idea that the world is yet to unleash and StuffWrap is one of the few best ones out there. Way to go for StuffWrap since it has an excellent appealing interface and a unique social marketplace for the world.


Then Swappy is another plus. Swappy is a service which notify users about what their friends have to sell or swap as per their wishes. However, once you agree to buy and you have confirmations received from the party and the StuffWrap admin then you are obligated to pay. If a payment is not made your credibility graph will go down and that will be visible to others. Do check out FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) to get to know all of it in full details regarding buying, selling and swapping.

Know the Team Learn to seek Inspiration

The startup is the brainchild of three software engineering graduates of University of Karachi. Ali Shaheer Ejaz is the Founder, Muhammad Awais is Co-Founder and Shoaib Ahmed Shakir works as Quality Analyst. More detailed descriptions can be seen at

The team has divided responsibilities. Ali deals with all development and operational activities, Awais handles all research work (comparative and social analysis) while Shoaib is responsible for product’s Quality Assurance (QA) and mobile application development.

Learn to seek Inspiration

The idea came to their mind while one of the university mates was busy cleaning his room. Many things were unused which he wanted to discard and constantly bothering him in mind was the thought of swapping those or selling it to someone who needs it. The thoughts made a train of bogies and each connected dot finally resulted in a startup we now know as StuffWrap. Isn’t it amazing?

A research was made on the idea of making social platform to buy, sell, swap and/or negotiate the offers of purchase about things one have and things one wants to have. Moreover, things one wishes to discard and every possible offer that can be made within a social circle. The idea is just a start and coming days will definitely result in a new era of collecting stuff.

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