Australia Bans TikTok on Government Owned Devices

This decision follows after a series of similar decisions taken by countries such as the USA, Canada and UK...

Apr 4 · >

Optus Hack: Australia announces improvements to its privacy laws

Following a big data breach at Optus, the country’s second-largest mobile provider, Australia suggested an update of consumer privacy...

Oct 7 · >

Australia to provide agro-technology to Pakistan

Pakistan’s agricultural sector has traditionally influenced much of its economy, but is it ripe for a revolution? As per...

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Nov 16 · >

Google deceived consumers over data collection: Australian regulator

Australia’s federal court found Alphabet’s Google misled some consumers about personal location data collected through Android mobile devices, the...

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Apr 17 · >

Facebook to invest $1 billion in news and journalism industry

Facebook Inc on Wednesday pledged to invest at least $1 billion in the news industry over the next three...

Feb 25 · >

No news for Australians! Facebook bans Australian users from sharing news stories

Facebook, on Tuesday, announced to remove a critical part of Australian users’ experience: sharing news content on the social...

Feb 18 · >

Australia vs Google – The “push back” against Google’s dominance continues

The Australian government’s confrontation with Google continues to reach new heights with no signs of slowing down. This time...

Feb 17 · >

Google enters into a news content sharing deal with Seven West Media

Seven West Media, one of Australia’s leading news outlets, has become the first major outlet to enter a licensing...

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Feb 16 · >

Facebook faces another data breaching case by Australian privacy commissioner

Australia’s information and privacy commissioner Angelene Falk has filed a lawsuit against Facebook Inc. in federal court for sharing...

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Mar 9 · >

Google drones get green signal to make public deliveries in this country

A drone-delivery firm owned by Google’s parent company – Alphabet, has been authorized by the Australian aviation authority to...

Apr 9 · >

Social media executives may face jail if they fail to remove violent content quickly: Law approved

Owners of social networks can face imprisonment for failing to take down violent content from their platforms, quickly. The...

Apr 5 · >

Apple fined $9 million by Australian court over allegedly refusing to fix faulty iPhones and iPads

The Federal Court of Australia has handed Apple a 9 million (Equivalent of US$6.5 million) fine for refusing to...

Jun 19 · >