DHA Fines Residents Who Install Rooftop Solar Panels

KARACHI: The Defence Housing Authority (DHA) has sent notices and imposed financial penalties on many of its residents for...

Sep 19 · >

$40 Million Were Raised For The Diamer-Bhasha Dam While $63 Million Were Spent On Its Advertising

During the early stages of the previous government, water storage and building dams were hot topics and officials of...

Sep 15 · >

Increasing Electricity Prices Threatens The Early Growth Of Electric Vehicles

Electricity prices are increasing worldwide and it has implemented a major effect on many industries. but in its experimental...

Sep 14 · >

PM directs to initiate 14,000MW Solar Power Projects through Incentives

As a result of the costly electricity being generated using imported fuel, the government plans to launch solar power...

Aug 12 · >

This Japanese company is betting on a giant turbine to provide “limitless clean energy”

While the world at large is facing an energy crisis, a Japanese company has been quietly tinkering away at...

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Jun 13 · >

Pakistan’s energy sector circular debt falls by 85 percent between July and August

In recent news, the Minister for Energy, Hammad Azhar mentioned that the flow of circular debt from the energy...

Oct 11 · >

CPEC Helps Pakistan Overcome Energy Crisis

In recent news, the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) assisted Pakistan to overcome its recent energy crisis to ensure that...

Jun 28 · >

Pakistanis suffering from load shedding despite having more electricity than they need

The CPEC drive power production projects have led to a drastic rise in the electricity being produced in Pakistan,...

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Feb 25 · >

Grant of transmission license for KP company’s 7,300 MW system opposed by National Transmission Company

The National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) had recently sought comments from stakeholders regarding the issuance of a new...

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Jan 25 · >

Government decides to increase electricity tariffs by Rs.1.90 to revive IMF programme

The Government of Pakistan (GOP) has decided to increase the electricity tariff rates in a bid to revive the...

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Jan 15 · >

#BlackOutPakistan – Here are the best reactions to the national grid power breakdown

Pakistan just witnessed a nation-wide blackout yesterday that lasted more than 8 hours for most cities but is still...

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Jan 10 · >

[UPDATED] – #Blackout – Electricity goes out in major cities of Pakistan

UPDATE 7: Electricity was partially restored in areas but has gone out again in some. #Loadshedding is now trending...

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Jan 10 · >