Netflix Ends Password Sharing in India, Will Pakistan be Next?

Apart from ending password sharing in India, Netflix has imposed similar bans in major markets including the US, the...

Jul 20 · >

Lockbit Claims Ransomware Attack On Pharma Giant Granules India

Lockbit, a Russian-linked ransomware group has recently claimed a cyber attack on Indian pharmaceutical giant Granules India, and published...

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Jun 16 · >

India Threatened To Shut Down Twitter, Raid Employees:Ex-CEO

Islamabad: Jack Dorsey, former CEO and Twitter’s Co-founder states that India despite beings the world’s largest democracy, had threatens...

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Jun 14 · >

India Is An Exciting Market And Major Focus For Apple:CEO Tim Cook

Apple is so excited after entering its market in India. April was quite a busy month for Apple in...

May 5 · >

Zoom Gets Licence to Provide Telecom Services in India

The ZVC India, a daughter company to Zoom Video Communications has received a unified licence with access to pan...

May 3 · >

India’s Tata Group to Take Over Apple Plant for iPhone 15 Production

Tata Group will likely begin the production of iPhone 15 after it completes takeover of Wistron’s iPhone plant in...

Apr 14 · >

Apple Kicks China Out:Choose India For Production

Foxconn, the world’s largest technology manufacturer and service provider, recently announced that it would reduce its production in mainland...

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Mar 17 · >

iPhone Manufacturer Reports Fall in Revenue as Demand Weakens

Apple’s biggest manufacturer ‘Foxconn’ reported that they have recorded a 11.65% fall in its revenue, when comparing revenue to...

Mar 6 · >

By 2027, India May Produce Half Of All iPhones

Apple is now planning to expand its production in India. Due to the pandemic, Apple has already faced a...

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Jan 18 · >

Indian Scam Call Centers Made Over $10 Billion By Scamming Americans

FBI’s South Asia Head revealed that the target of these scam calls are mostly adults who are scammed under...

Dec 28 · >

India’s First Private Rocket Company Seeks To Reduce Satellite Cost

BEMGALURU: India’s first Private space launch company is all set to put a satellite into orbit in 2023. The...

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Nov 28 · >

Crypto Exchange Doesn’t See A Viable Market In India: Binance Chief

On Thursday, at the crypto conference, Zhao said, honestly speaking, there is no scope for cryptocurrency in India. India...

Nov 18 · >