Indian Scam Call Centers Made Over $10 Billion By Scamming Americans

FBI’s South Asia Head revealed that the target of these scam calls are mostly adults who are scammed under...

Dec 28 ·>
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India’s First Private Rocket Company Seeks To Reduce Satellite Cost

BEMGALURU: India’s first Private space launch company is all set to put a satellite into orbit in 2023. The...

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Nov 28 ·>

Crypto Exchange Doesn’t See A Viable Market In India: Binance Chief

On Thursday, at the crypto conference, Zhao said, honestly speaking, there is no scope for cryptocurrency in India. India...

Nov 18 ·>

India’s heaviest rocket launches 36 OneWeb broadband satellites

According to the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), the largest rocket, the Launch Vehicle Mark 3 (LVM3 or GSLV...

Oct 25 ·>
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Google Fined $162M By India over Favoring its own Apps on Android

India’s competition commission fined Google $161.9 million on Thursday for anti-competitive actions relating to Android mobile devices in “various...

Oct 21 ·>
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India Defies $450 Million F-16 Trade Between Pakistan and America

Last week the US government announced that Pakistan’s prolonged request for the F-16 equipment for national security and anti-terrorism...

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Sep 12 ·>
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FBR Takes Down its Websites for 24hrs in fear of Hackers

According to FBR employees and residents who attempted to use these websites, the three web portals of the tax...

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Aug 16 ·>

Pakistan Seeks United Nation’s Support To Investigate India’s Use Of Israeli Made Pegasus Spyware

In recent news, the government of Pakistan has requested the United Nations to investigate whether India is utilizing the...

Jul 26 ·>

Pakistan oblivious to India rapidly developing lethal A.I weapons & militarizing space: experts

Senior Pakistani officials have expressed grave concerns regarding India’s rapid militarization of space and the addition of A.I based...

May 29 ·>

India asks Twitter to remove tweets criticizing its COVID-19 handling

The Indian government asked social media platform Twitter to take down dozens of tweets, including some by local lawmakers,...

Apr 26 ·>

In a historic first, India to get US Armed drones valued at $3 billion

As per a report by Bloomberg, India is all set to approve a $3 billion purchase of 30 MQ-9B...

Mar 10 ·>

Indian government aims to have Facebook decrypt user’s WhatsApp messages

Casey Newton – a Silicon Valley journalist associated with The Verge and the founder of Platformer News, has revealed...

Mar 10 ·>