Google employees go on protest against sexism through innovate job title changes

About 800 Google employees from more than 20 countries started adding ‘Lady’ to their job titles in the wake...

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Jun 20 ·>
ruth porat

[Images] 3D Renders show the beauty of the new (rumored) MacBook Pro

Martin Hajek, a 3D rendering expert, has produced detailed images of the new MacBook Pro based on authentic rumors...

Jun 20 ·>
Macbook Air

India is developing a supercomputer that will predict Monsoon rainfall

Monsoon rainfall is a big issue in India. The amount of rainfall directly affects the agriculture industry for the...

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Jun 17 ·>

Google has paid more than $550,000 to Android security researchers

In a recently released report, Google has revealed that they have paid more than $550,000 so far to security...

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Jun 17 ·>

Legendary 18-year-old Yahoo Messenger to shut down on August 5, 2016

Yahoo has signaled the closure of the legacy Yahoo Messenger through their blog post stating that the legendary messenger...

Jun 11 ·>

Meet the air conditioner that works without electricity

Summers are hot, sweaty and if you live in Pakistan, filled with load-shedding. What if there was an air-conditioner...

Jun 11 ·>
Bangladesh Inventor