Meet the air conditioner that works without electricity

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Bangladesh Inventor

Summers are hot, sweaty and if you live in Pakistan, filled with load-shedding. What if there was an air-conditioner that could run without any electricity? A Bangladeshi inventor has done just that by creating a “zero electricity” air conditioner that is made out of recycled plastic bottles.

Ashis Paul, the inventor of this cost effective setup, managed to figure out an easy way to create an air conditioner. It is called the “Eco-Cooler” and is based on a very simple idea of how air cools when it expands.

Most of the Bangladesh gets very warm in the summers with temperatures reaching up to 45 degrees Celsius. Some of these are rural areas don’t even have access to electricity. The eco-cooler, being electricity-free and incredibly cheap and easy to make, is a blessing for all the people.

Over 25,000 eco-coolers have been installed in Bangladesh so far by Grameen Intel employees and Grey Dhaka volunteers.

The efficiency of the Eco-cooler depends on the conditions but it can reduce the indoor temperature of a moderately-sized room as much as 5 degrees Celsius.

How does it work?


Blow with your mouth wide open and feel the air. Now do the same with your lips pursed and feel the difference.

Bangladesh Inventor

The air is much cooler the second time around. Similarly, the neck of plastic bottles helps compress the air. As the hot air pushed towards the rim of the bottle, it starts expanding. The rapid expansion of the warm air cools the air down.

How can I make it?

The process is incredibly simple! All you need is a few empty plastic bottles and some basic tools. There are no copyrights as the inventors believe that anyone should be able to make it. Anyone can go to their website and download the how-to-guide.

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