Japan to implement seven new technical programmes in Pakistan

The Japanese government has decided to implement seven new technical cooperation programmes in Pakistan. These programmes include projects geared...

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Jul 20 ·>

IBM introduces an AI based robot that creates fine art paintings

Artificial Intelligence takes another leap in creativity as IBM Japan recently introduced a robot that has the power to...

Mar 10 ·>

State-of-the-art weather radar to be installed in Sukkur with Rs 3.078 billion in assistance from Japan

The Government of Pakistan (GOP) and the Japanese have signed an agreement for the installation of a state-of-the-art weather...

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Jan 26 ·>

Japan to take stern action against the illegal trade of imported cars in Pakistan

Japan has had it with the illegal trade of its cars in Pakistan. According to an official statement released...

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Jan 15 ·>

Japanese ‘Twitter killer’ sentenced to death for nine murders

In a development that sounds like a scene from a psychological thriller, a Japanese man has just been arrested...

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Dec 15 ·>

Pakistan and Japan agree to increase cooperation in the IT sector

In the aftermath of MoUs signed with Bosnia-Herzegovina for improvement in trade volume, Pakistan has strengthened economic ties with...

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Nov 6 ·>

Japan wants to recruit Pakistani tech workers

What used to be the world’s second largest economy at one point in time is now fervently looking for...

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Oct 12 ·>

Robots replace Japanese students at graduation ceremony due to coronavirus

As has been the case all around the world, public events and gatherings have been either canceled or indefinitely...

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Apr 7 ·>

Japan and South Korea’s diplomatic row could endanger important tech supplies

Japan and South Korea are the two main hubs when it comes to technology components for many of the...

Jul 15 ·>

This device tells you how stinky you are

Japanese researchers have found a solution to combat bad body odour. They have introduced a device called Tanita ES-100...

Jun 30 ·>

Blogger stabbed to death by an online troll

Kenichiro Okamoto, a prominent Japanese blogger who specialized in online security and online abuse has been stabbed to death...

Jun 27 ·>

Japanese railway company apologizes after a train left 25 seconds early

The West Japan railway company has apologized for “any inconvenience” caused to customers after a train departed the station...

May 16 ·>