Pakistan’s Tekken Prodigy ‘Arsalan Ash’ Wins EVO Championship Trophy For Fourth Time

Arsalan Ash, Pakistan’s Tekken Prodigy performed amazingly in EVO Championship. Arsalan Ash achieved a remarkable feat by becoming a...

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Aug 8 · >

North Korean Hackers Stole US$721 Million In Cryptocurrency From Japan

Tokyo: Hacker groups affiliated with North Korea have stolen $721 million of cryptocurrency assets from Japan since 2017. According...

May 16 · >

Hackers From North Korea Have Stolen Cryptocurrency Worth Over $721 Million From Japan

According to Elliptic, North Korea has stolen a total of $2.3 billion worth of crypto currencies from businesses between...

May 15 · >

70% Of Japanese Adults Who Use AI Chatbots Express Concern :Survey

A survey conducted by local Japanese news revealed that nearly 69.4% of adults want restrictor regulations for AI development...

May 2 · >

Artificial Meteor Showers Might Soon Become a Reality

Japanese firm ‘ALE’ plans to launch small satellites that will create an artificial meteor shower through tiny metal shooting...

Mar 30 · >

Japanese Robotics Lag As AI Captures Global Attention

Japan is very famous for making robots and other Artificial intelligence tools. Japan has had its own identity of...

Mar 10 · >

Japanese Government Introduces New Traffic Laws for Delivery Robots

Revised Japanese traffic laws will now allow delivery robots like Hakobo to navigate through the streets and deliver fresh...

Feb 13 · >

Japan Announces $38.9 Million in Grants for Floods Victims in Pakistan

Keeping recent floods and its devastation in mind Japan has decided to aid Pakistan with $38.9 million. On Tuesday...

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Dec 8 · >

Sony Teams up with Honda to make Premium Electric Cars by 2025

Sony Honda Mobility (SHM) has now been fully created after the first joint venture (JV) announcement in June 2022....

Oct 18 · >

Japan Eager to Invest in Metaverse and NFTs Inorder to Drive Web3 Industry Forward

Prime Minister Fumio Kishida said that the government will continue its focus on digital technology and the implementation of...

Oct 8 · >

This Japanese company is betting on a giant turbine to provide “limitless clean energy”

While the world at large is facing an energy crisis, a Japanese company has been quietly tinkering away at...

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Jun 13 · >

Japan to implement seven new technical programmes in Pakistan

The Japanese government has decided to implement seven new technical cooperation programmes in Pakistan. These programmes include projects geared...

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Jul 20 · >