Xiaomi Plans To Begin Mass Production Of Electric Vehicles

According to the latest reports, Xiaomi is experiencing trouble getting a manufacturing license for its electric vehicle project. As...

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Feb 17 · >

OnePlus Will Introduce First Foldable Phone In 2023

On February 8, OnePlus organized a major launch event and showcased multiple products, including the worldwide debut of its...

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Feb 9 · >

Oppo is Launching its First Ever Flip Phone Next Month

Named the Find N2 Flip is rumored to be released at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2023 set to...

Jan 24 · >

Updated New Taxes On Mobile Phones Imposed By The Government

When National Assembly approved the Finance Bill 2022, the federal government imposed a levy on the mobile phones that...

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Sep 14 · >

7 Smartphones that you can buy under 100k in Pakistan 2022

New phones are launched every day, and sometimes it can be confusing which phone to buy even if you...

Aug 13 · >

5 Best phones that you can buy under 30k easily in Pakistan – 2022

Smartphones are expensive! Nowadays, it has become a necessity for everyone to have a smartphone, whether they like it...

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Aug 3 · >

New leak reveals the name and launch date of Oppo’s first foldable phone

We finally have an idea of what Oppo’s answer to Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold will be. According to a...

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Nov 29 · >

Oppo is reportedly developing its own chips for flagship phones

It seems that Oppo is taking matters in its own hands, as it comes to light that the company...

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Oct 20 · >

Oppo aims to export nearly 5 million mobile phones from Pakistan every year

In recent news, Oppo has announced that the company plans to export around 5 million mobile phones every year....

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Oct 1 · >

Oppo Aiming To Bring Revolutionary AI With 6G In 2035

In recent news, Oppo has been planning ambitiously to gain control over the next generation of technology. The Chinese...

Jul 15 · >

Nokia Takes Legal Action Against Oppo

In recent news, Nokia is officially suing Oppo with multiple lawsuits due to the continuous usage of Nokia’s patents...

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Jul 12 · >

Samsung and Oppo to start assembling mobile phones in Pakistan soon

Smartphone manufacturing titans Samsung and Oppo are likely to start local assembly of their mobile phones in Pakistan soon...

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Mar 11 · >