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Tech vital to prevent the spread of pandemics, AJK President

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The AJK President Sardar Masood Khan has said that the importance of new technologies in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic cannot be underestimated since these technologies have enormous potential for detection, timely diagnosis, effective treatment, and COVID-19’s future prevention.

Addressing a webinar on “Coronavirus and the role of technologies” organized by the computing and engineering department of the University of Kotli, he said that several technologies including artificial intelligence (AI), big data, telemedicine, blockchain, 5G technology, smart applications, Internet of Medical Things (IoMT), robotics, and additive manufacturing are substantially important for COVID-19 detection, monitoring, diagnosing, screening, surveillance, mapping, tracking, and enhancing awareness regarding the pandemic.

“These technologies have been used on a large scale in the developed world, but unfortunately the developing nations are behind the curve in inducting, absorbing, and mainstreaming these technologies,” he regretted.

Sardar Masood Khan also highlighted that the technology alone could not prevent the outbreak of pandemics. Still, it can greatly assist in preventing its spread, and informing, warning, and enabling people to mitigate its impact.

He said that after the coronavirus outbreak, the AJK government,, with the help of technologies, had established PCR labs and diagnostic centers, upgraded monitoring and care system in the hospitals, and supply of vaccine introduced tele-medicines and chest scanning.

Source: Dunya News

Written by Ahsan Zafeer
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