Telenor SMS Packages Daily, Weekly, Monthly

Telenor SMS Packages

Today, we will tell you about different Telenor SMS Packages including daily, weekly, and monthly. We will try to take a look at all of the Prepaid section SMS packages offered by Telenor along with the Postpay section offerings.

Telenor, a Norway-based company, entered Pakistani market more than a decade back. It has since then become one of the Pakistan’s top network providers and is providing reliable mobile services. The output from Pakistan has also been encouraging and the company boasts significant user base in Pakistan too. Last year, the company had reported boasting some over 40 million mobile subscrib anders and had over 6000 employees.

We have already talked about Telenor Internet Packages, Telenor Call Packages, Telenor 3g, 4g device Packages, Telenor 3G/4G Internet Settings. Today, we would take a look at Telenor SMS Packages.

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Telenor SMS Packages

Telenor SMS Packages for TalkShawk

Given below is a guide that includes the Telenor SMS packages which it offers under TalkShawk. Scroll on to find the packages listed under Telenor Daily SMS Package, Telenor Daily SMS Package, Telenor 5-day SMS Package, Telenor Weekly SMS Package, Telenor Fortnightly SMS Package and Telenor Monthly SMS Package cadres.

Offer NamePriceSMSVailidityActivation Key
Monthly SMS BundleRs. 40500030 Days*345*363#
Daily SMS BundleRs. 42001 Day*345*116#
Weekly SMS BundleRs. 710007 DaysCan be activated through website
15 Day Economy SMS BundleRs. 1460015 Days*345*112#
5 Day SMS BundleRs. 73005 Days*345*015#

Telenor SMS Packages for djuice

The following details include Telenor SMS packages through its djuice tariff. The bundles s compared for both type of cutomers, Prepaid and Postpay, for hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly time spans are given below.

Offer NamePriceSMSVailidityActivation Key
Daily Messaging BundleRs. 2300 SMS1 Day*345*363#
Weekly Messaging BundleRs. 101200 SMS and 100 MB for WhatsApp7 Days*345*116#
Monthly Messaging BundleRs. 4010,000 SMS and 300 MB for WhatsApp/Facebook30 DaysCan be activated through website
15 Day Messaging BundleRs. 353500 SMS and 200 MB for WhatsApp15 Days*345*112#
SMS Minutes BundleRs. 11.95700 SMS, 12 Telenor Minutes7 Days*345*015#

Telenor Postpay SMS Packages

That was pretty much it from the Prepaid section. Moving onwards, let us now take a look upon what offering Telenor has under its bonnet.

Offer NamePriceSMSVailidityActivation Key
SMS Bundle 30Rs. 30+Tax25030 Days*345*761#
SMS Bundle 60Rs. 60+Tax60030 Days*345*762#
SMS Bundle 200Rs. 200+Tax600030 Days*345*763#

That was it. If you think we missed something or if you want us to do research on something particular please mention in comments below.

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