This is how top Pakistani stores fared on Black Friday Sales

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Black Friday, White Friday, Blessed Friday or Big Friday. Whatever you would like to name it, name it yourself. But the internationally known ‘Black Friday Sales’ is not a new phenomenon for Pakistanis anymore. Just like previous years, this year again, we saw Pakistani stores both online and offline giving massive discounts to their buyers.

Pakistan’s biggest e-commerce store Daraz revealed that their Big Friday Sale saw unprecedented interest from buyers garnering orders worth 3 Billion rupees. Yayvo another ecommerce player noted that their sales grew 4 times this White Friday as compared to their last year’s sales.

Shopify, an international ecommerce services provider, has revealed some of the important trends of this year’s Black Friday Sales. The platform disclosed some crucial details that can help local stores learn and improve their sales strategies for the next year too.

1. Mobile Shopping Overtook Desktop

The same trend was noted in Pakistan too. Local ecommerce stores witnessed a massive rise in smartphone sessions and orders from mobiles increased several manifolds too.

Mobile Traffic

2. Which medium brought the most conversions

The shopify stats revealed that the most successful conversions happened through email; this is an eye-opening metric for people who think that email is old and not very effective anymore.


3. What was the most sold category

Apparel category has a good profit margin and hence when these items were heavily discounted, people spent the most to buy their favorite items.

The biggest buyers

Here is a quick glance at some of the Pakistani ecommerce stores and how much traffic did they garner on this Black Friday Sales month. Since the information is sourced from SimilarWeb and not from direct website owners, there should be a slight error margin left for data report.

So without further ado, let’s take a look.

1. Daraz

Daraz almost doubled its traffic last month and emerged as the biggest ecommerce player in Pakistan with the mettle to organize a huge sale festival.


2. Yayvo

Yayvo by TCS increased its traffic almost 4 times this year around. Their average visit duration is also over 5 minutes which means that people did like their deals and spent a considerable amount of time on their website before making a buying decision.


3. Symbios

Symbios too increased its traffic three times. But their other metrics are not very exciting. An average visitor only viewed two pages per session and the average duration of the visit is low too.


4. Homeshopping

Homeshopping, apparently, is the only website which according to SimilarWeb lost traffic in the big sales month. There can be multiple reasons for that:

  1. Lack of good quality deals
  2. Timings of the sales
  3. Lack of awareness around the sales campaign
  4. or just the technical issues


5. iShopping

iShopping saw a considerable increase in traffic. The website didn’t put up any sales on the premium flagship smartphones but their sales deals were well thought out. Interestingly, their high end smartphone rates which weren’t on sale discount were still better than the Black Friday rates on all other ecommerce stores.


6. is another big platform popular for electronics. They also witnessed a sharp rise as compared to the previous month but overall their page views have been declining.


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