This new 2-in-1 cable will charge both Android and Apple devices

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If you happen to be one of those people who surround themselves with numerous gadgets then you must be well aware of the woes that follow. Carrying different chargers for all your devices, for example. But fear not for your prayers have been answered. LM Cable is the world’s first connector that works for both Android and Apple.

03The micro-USB cable is probably the most common in the world and is compatible with almost all Android devices. Apple’s lightning cable is exclusive to their products only. The LM Cable is hoping to bridge that gap by combining both cables into one. How does that happen, you may be wondering. So basically one side of the cable is the micro-USB and the other is the gold-striped lightning connector for iPhone, iPod, iPad etc.

The cable supports fast data transfer and charges at 2.4 Amps. The product has a very clean design and will keep up with your style if you happen to be a luxurious person. The leather-covered cable has been hand-stitched by craftsmen and is bound to keep the cable from damaging. Plus the brass buckle offers neat closure so that your wire is never left in a tangled mess. The connector is so small that it will easily fit in any of the mobile protective cases, offering more portability. The LM Cable makers also claim for their tin-plated copper wires to be more durable than regular wires. It is also environment-friendly with a Halogen-free TPE used as opposed to PVC.

What’s to be kept in mind is that LM Cable is not officially certified with any of the Android or Apple devices and it definitely doesn’t comply with Apple’s “Made for iPhone” standards. But according to the makers they will not bother with receiving any certification. So if you buy this cable it would be like buying just another cable from a random accessory shop around the corner – you’ll have to use it at your own risk. LM Cable is relatively new but there have been other companies who have been making a very similar device for quite some time now and it would be less of a risk to try them out. You may want to wait till the first reviews come out for LM Cable before trying it out for yourself.

The LM Cable started off a Kickstarter campaign about a month ago and has already funded 81, 634 AUD from over 2,000 backers. The device is available for $21 with an expected shipping date around mid April.

Written by Maryam Dodhy
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