This online game gives you Bill Gates fortune to spend on conventional items

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Imagine you were as rich as Bill Gates. Or don’t, just play this game which allows you to utilize his fortune and purchase almost everything in the world. allows you to spend $100,000,000,000 on anything you want from a variety of options which include something as cheap as the Big Mac or as expensive the entire McDonald’s franchise.

Even if you have purchased more than a million Big Mac burgers, you still have more than enough money to purchase the entire franchise if you want:

You can purchase monster trucks, tanks, yachts, skyscrapers, an NBA team and many more in the game. Just to give a rough idea, you could purchase around 117 Skyscrapers and have enough money left to purchase 3 Boeing 747 aeroplanes and 151 Gold bars. You will STILL have $300,000 left in your bank after all these purchases.

Play the game here:

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