Bill Gates

Microsoft CEO Bill Gates Says He is a Fan of ChatGPT

The billionaire revealed that he already has access to the next version of ChatGPT and that he enjoys interacting...

Mar 3 · >

Microsoft Founder Bill Gates Says Chat GPT Will Change the World

“The new programs like ChatGPT will make many office jobs more efficient by helping to write invoices or letters”...

Feb 10 · >

Bill Gates Donates $1.2 Billion To Fight Polio

Frustrated by the recurrence of the terrible disease in New York, Bill Gates has decided to take the course...

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Oct 19 · >

“Technological Advances may help stop hunger”: Bill Gates

According to Bill Gates, the global hunger situation is so vast that food aid alone will not suffice. What...

Sep 15 · >

Here are some of the best Twitter reactions to Bill and Melinda Gates’ divorce

What’s the deal with tech billionaires and unexpected divorce announcements? Two years after Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and former...

May 4 · >

Grand Tech Divorce Settlement: Could Bill Gates lose even more than Bezos?

Mackenzie Scott settled $38 billion out of her divorce with Jeff Bezos, the most amount received due to a...

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May 4 · >

Bill and Melinda Gates End Their 27 Years Of Marriage

In recent news, the world’s wealthiest couple of Bill and Melinda Gates have officially called it quits after 27...

May 4 · >

Who will be the world’s first-ever trillionaire? The race has begun & the candidates are all American!

Despite growing global concern about the rising inequality and the chaos it creates, and the skyrocketing wealth of the...

Apr 8 · >

One of the world’s richest men, Bill Gates is not a fan of the iPhone, prefers Android instead.

In an interview on Clubhouse, the invitation-only audio-chat app that’s all the rage these days, Bill Gates revealed his...

Mar 4 · >

Bill Gates supports nuclear power despite its world-ending potential

In an interview with CNBC, Bill gates – the founder of Microsoft and one of the most prominent philanthropists...

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Feb 26 · >

Bill Gates thinks the Coronavirus could have impacts into 2022

Many people believe the coronavirus pandemic will reach its end with the introduction of vaccines in 2021. However, Bill...

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Dec 16 · >

Bill Gates commends Pakistan’s efforts and continued economic growth amid current COVID-19 situation

Prime Minister Imran Khan and founder of Microsoft and co-chair of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Bill Gates,...

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Dec 11 · >