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This Pakistani-American doctor got the NATO’s Scientific Achievement Award for 2016

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A doctor with Pakistani-American origin has been awarded the NATO Scientific Achievement Award for 2016. The award was being provided by the prestigious NATO Science and Technology Organization (STO) on his exemplary research services in the field of medical technology.

Dr Rashid A. Chotani, a graduate of Aga Khan University and Medical College, has been working on medical countermeasures against biological agents. His extra-ordinary performance in the said field brought him laurels.

He was working with a Research Task Group in USA by NATO. Being a member of the Human Factor and Medicine Panel (HFM), he worked on studying and improving the usual NATO operational environments of the NATO individuals. The team assessed the genre, nature, risks and medical countermeasures of the biological agents that were being used against the individuals.

Dr Rashid Chotani also has worked on improving the Early Warning System at the National Institute of Health in Pakistan. He also made the Epidemic Investigation Cell (EIC) to stand from ground. He has a more than 20 years experience on sharing his knowledge on biological security and public health.

Source — Dawn, Image— VOA Urdu

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