This Pakistani female is making hand carved hoods for bikes in her backyard!

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Fizza Shabbar, an entrepreneur from Lahore is making waves across Pakistan after she crafted a unique car in her backyard, sometime back. Something which was merely a hobby a couple of years ago has now taken form of a business and she is now making customized bicycle and motorbike hoods for avid bike lovers.

It all started a few years back when Fizza decided to turn a spare scooter lying in her house into a car, covered from all sides. Determined, she then started working on transforming the scooter into a car by designing a customized hood for it. Fizza paved her way through hard work and was finally able to successfully convert a two-wheeler vehicle into a four-wheeler vehicle. The ordeal took her four years.

Under the banner of Backyard Productions, she is currently working on customizing a hood for bicycle and one for a bike, all in her backyard. She is also looking forward to projects to design hand carved hoods for 125 or any other 200cc bikes customized in classic or in any other theme.

Apart from a lot of engineering stuff that went into making the car, being an artist Fizza designed the hood all by herself. On the aesthetics, the car wears a retro look and resembles a beautiful vintage classic. The car had seating for as much as three people.

Fizza is also the the first woman to take part in any off-road rally event in Pakistan after she represented PakWheels at 1st Off-Road Rally that took place in 2016 organized by City District Government Lahore and TDCP.

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