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This Pakistani Mobile App will take players to a new mathematical expedition

Menahil Haider Written by Menahil Haider · 58 sec read>

Knowledge Platform has introduced Mind Tussle, a competitive game that will test players mathematical ability by outscoring the opponent. Mind Tussle is available for both android and iOS users at their respective stores.

The game is a time bound drill comprising of three rounds. Each round is timed to 60 seconds with innumerable questions based on either addition, subtraction or multiplication. The level of difficulty increases with an increase in game level testing the limits. Mind Tussle is designed to be played with both friends and random opponent and is suitable for all age groups.

An innovative feature of the game is the achievement board. It consists of not only live challenging friends or foes but also allows to compete against the best of mind tussle leader board for global domination.

Mind Tussle

Moreover, increase rate in winning the matches by unlocking achievements will result in an increased skill score. Mind Tussle contains an explicit feature where players can send instant messages to opponents making the game more user friendly.

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Knowledge Platform – maker of this application – asserts that Mind Tussle is not only a strategic mind game but will also boost the mental flexibility by triggering quick responses. Along with, the game will improve, enhance and revise mental mathematics aptitude and at last declare the best in the league.

Moreover, it serves both purposes of either engaging player into a Mind Tussle or challenging the opponents. It’s based on the idea of a friendly competition leading to boast or stimulate player mental ability.

Download the Android and iOS version to check the app.