This startup is connecting farmers directly to businesses revolutionizing the food supply chain

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CropDrop is a startup that is aiming to revolutionize the food supply chain in Pakistan by directly connecting farmers with businesses like restaurants, cafes, or produce sellers. The problem in Pakistan is that the food supply chain consists of a lot of people starting from the actual producers i.e. the farmers, transporters, wholesale sellers (mandis/bazaars), fruit/vegetable shops, and finally the customer

This causes the rates of the commodities to be very high by the time it reaches the customer to more than 2-4 times the price being paid to the farmer. CropDrop is aiming to change the supply chain by becoming the middlemen and connecting the farmers with the customers. CropDrop is part of the 8th cohort at NIC

This will not only help save the time of businesses but also reduce the overall cost and increase the price that the farmer gets allowing him to provide quality produce. This empowerment of the farmers is needed as Pakistan is an Agri-based economy and the farmers are the backbone of the economy.

If you’re one of those people that like to visit the shops and get quality produce themselves, CropDrop has you covered there as well since they have a stringent quality assurance program. They ensure that the product is screened thoroughly and meets the quality standards before it is sent to the customer.

What do you think of this innovative idea and how it can benefit Pakistan and its economy?

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