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TikTok releases Urdu Version, updated its ’Community Guidelines’

Written by Naima Rabbie ·  44 sec read >

The community guidelines by TikTok have finally updated after repeated warnings and negotiations with the telecom regulators. Besides that, the short video clip platform has also rolled out the Urdu language version for the first time.

The community guidelines provide the users with what is allowed and what is not allowed on its platform. The instructions are going to keep the environment safe and promote the creativity of the creators. For the first time, the global platform has localized and will work according to the local laws and regulations.

TikTok has a reporting feature in the app. Users can flag potentially inappropriate videos or creator accounts to the respective management of the platform.

Recently TikTok has published its Transparency report that has highlighted the number of content removed from the platform for violating the Community Guidelines. According to the report, Pakistan was ranked as the third-highest number for removed content.

Back in July, PTA warned TikTok to upload immoral, obscene, and vulgar content. According to the warning, the short video app had an extremely ‘negative effect on society in general and youth in particular.’

TikTok was advised by PTA to moderate socialization and content within the legal and moral limits and follow the country’s laws.