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TimeTrax – Assisting HR Professionals for nearly 2 Decades

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TimeTrax is a human capital management software which, through superior use of modern technologies and platform independent approach, aims to automate critical managerial aspects of a business. TimeTrax’s module ePayroll won a P@SHA ICT award in 2015 in “Financial Applications”category.

TimeTrax hosts a whole suite of software dedicated to managing Attendance, Leave, Payroll, Travel, Training, Recruitment, Documents and Appraisal within a company. What sets TimeTrax apart from other managerial software suites is its platform independence. EfroTech’s TimeTrax HCMS can be accessed from any browser from anywhere in the world. It absolves system managers from the hassle of setting up software on individual machines.

TimeTrax is not only limited to providing automated solutions for managing HR in a business. With the help of orBItrax, an Online Reporting & Business Intelligence Tool, TimeTrax provides a flexible user interface for generating scheduled, dynamic reports for HR Analytics. It incorporates a great GUI with powerful business algorithms to keep track of expenses and projections; giving the ultimate control to the HR department.

TimeTrax integrates multiple functionalities in its one-window software solution. These functionalities are divided into different modules which work together to ensure a consistent and cohesive management model. Some of those modules and their functions are:

1. eAttendance

eAttendance provides a centralized system for managing employee attendance across multiple branches which could be scattered across cities or even countries. It uses biometric verification to make the process of registering an employee’s presence as smooth as possible. It supports a wide range of Biometric RFID devices for fingerprint and face detection. eAttendance is also capable of generating daily reports for individual departments and
can handle department wise shift scheduling. Nearly 1 Million employees register their attendance through this module across 2,000 client locations in Pakistan and across the globe.

2. eLeave

eLeave automates the process of planning, applying for and approving of leaves. It allows employees to place leave requests through a simple email. Department heads and other managers can then approve those leave applications through any browser from anywhere in the world or even through their mobile phone browsers. It also supports enforcement of leave policies on group or employee basis. These policies can incorporate multiple types of leaves and its integration with ePayroll can automatically manage deductions from an employee Payroll.

3. ePayroll

ePayroll is a financial management solution which will completely automate payroll calculation and generation for employees across multiple divisions and branches in your organization – whether it’s half a million Rupees or millions of Dollars in multiple currencies that you pay in salaries to your staff.


Through integration with other modules like eAttendance and eLeave, it can automatically factor in fluctuations due to leaves or extra shifts and provide timely pay-slips. Employees can also access those salary slips through a web interface and keep track of their accruals. It can also manage EOBI/ESSI statements, tax, and provident fund/gratuity details.

4. eDocs

This module handles all the HR documents and makes a paper free environment possible. It allows easy scanning and storage an employee’s documents through a handy, built-in scan tool. All the scanned documents are stored in a secure location and are readily available to HR managers. It can track expiry dates of documents like driving licenses, identity cards etc. and alert concerned personal to get them renewed before they become invalid.

5. eRecruitment

TimeTrax, through eRecruitment, also aims to simplify the whole process of finding new and bright workers for a business. Right from displaying the job listings, to scheduling interviews and in the end selecting the best candidate, it makes the whole process much more organized and much less tedious. HR managers can track resumes and see their performance through the whole process, they can shortlist candidates and then eRecruitment can organize interview schedules automatically. It can also send emails acknowledging progress and participation of candidates through all stages of the recruitment procedure.

6. eAppraisal

Another great feature of TimeTrax is its built-in rating based appraisal system. It automatically generates salary increase proposals based on the performance of an employee. An employee can be appraised by other employees

holding different positions. They can rate the performance of an employee being appraised and different weights can be assigned to their ratings to account for organization hierarchy and other factors. Its integration with ePayroll allows it to easily increment the salary of an employee based on his performance. In addition to these functionalities, TimeTrax also boasts managing training for new employees through eTraining and eTravel for organizing business trips while cutting both cost and time required in chasing travel agents, line managers and employees themselves for documents, approvals, and photocopies.

Views of a TimeTrax client

In order to get more details about the software from the customers’ perspective, we got in touch with Muhammad Nazim, Senior Manager Finance at Al Meezan Group, he mentioned, “We are using TimeTrax software since early 2007. It has almost been a decade and the experience of working with EfroTech (parent organization of TimeTrax) has been great. The team has been quick, responsive and duly accommodated the changes required.”

Nazim further added that the software has increased the efficiency of payroll management. “A lot of tasks are automated now, which previously required us to hire more resources.” With TimeTrax, AlMeezan is managing the payroll of almost 500 individuals. “The service is affordable and even young organizations with head counts of less than 100 can utilize it.”

Looking back at the time before his company was introduced to TimeTrax, Nazim listed some issues which plagued his company. Without ever knowing, Al Meezan group was missing out on so much. “It took too much time and effort to maintain details about all employees before. There were too many factors to consider and the whole system was error-prone.”

Using TimeTrax has alleviated Al Meezan group from managing trivial details. Factoring the efforts of each employee while generating payrolls became more simple and efficient. “We can now allocate the time and money saved in calculating and managing those payrolls into more productive things.”

Nazim was also quick to praise the simplicity and next to zero learning curve of the user interface. Talking about which he said, “The whole idea of using every aspect of the product through a simple web interface is excellent. It has saved us a lot of man hours and the cost of deploying custom software on every employee’s computer. There is very little adaptation required and the system behaves exactly how you expect it to.”

AlMeezan group is a perfect example of TimeTrax improving upon the existing infrastructure in a company. The impressive aspect is that it does so with minimal effort and changes required on employees’ part.

Subscription basis model for small businesses Keeping in view that cost of deploying a full-scale management system may be too much for many small businesses and budding startups to bear, TimeTrax also has a subscription version of the software. It allows those businesses to make use of the “pay as you go” model. This model spares them from making heavy investments in software and focus on their core products.

No other HCM Software vendor in Pakistan is offering a one-window solution for Biometric Hardware, On-Cloud/On-Premise HR Software, Payroll module meeting all local statutory requirements and coupling that seamlessly with Business Intelligence and HR Analytics.

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TimeTrax is an excellent suite of productivity software for organizations of all sizes and scopes. It automates the most time-consuming aspects of a company and saves both time and money. Extensive research into this area has revealed that no other HCM Software vendor in Pakistan is offering a one-window solution for Biometric Hardware, On-Cloud/On-Premise HR Software, Payroll module meeting all local statutory requirements and coupling that seamlessly with Business Intelligence and HR Analytics. No surprise then that TimeTrax is offering stiff competition to the global brands in the HCM Software space.

TimeTrax is a great investment for companies looking to step into the digital realm. If your company is new and cannot afford a full-scale deployment, look into their subscription-based model for cheaper access to their software library.

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