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Top 5 things youth look for in a job and why businesses should consider them important

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While it is important for job-seekers to know what employers look for the ideal candidate, it is also important for the employers to pay heed to what employees prioritize while looking for the jobs. It not only helps enterprises to gain an insight into what could motivate their younger employees, but also that how they can attract the cream and prime of the employees.

By definition, Millennials are the part of population reaching young adulthood around the year 2000. These are exactly the chunk of people which are going to make up one third of the global population by 2020 and about half of the total workforce as well. Which also throws light on why it is important for the businesses owners and the startup founders of today, to know what they should incorporate while completing the job proposals.

The report, Millennial Careers: 2020 Vision report from Manpower, has mentioned five of the most important factors which are seen as potential deal-breakers by the employee-lot. These people surveyed over 19,000 millennials from across the globe. ManPower Group then took facts and aptly summarized its findings in the form a report. The report mentioned that to work with great people, although was seen as an important factor the employees, didn’t make it to the top three of the most prioritized entity.

According to the report, monetary value of a job topped the list, with prioritization from 92% of the millennials. As evident by the global growth of Silicon world and widely appraising startup scenes, 79% persons of the millennials said that they would look at flexible working hours as a potential temptation towards a new job. They also looked for security and time-off, once in a while.


Although the data varied from country to country, the majority of millennials almost everywhere saw security as one important factor and that is exactly what ManPower highlighted as “JOB SECURITY REDEFINED”. Across the millennium 2000, people have started to look at job security differently. Unlike traditionalists, Millennials understood that the continuous skills development to remain employable was more important than having one long job for life.

Job Security

Deloitte also published its findings on what makes a loyal employee towards the employer. The report, 2016 Deloitte Millennial Survey, also made an account of what people were looking for in a job. They pointed work/life balance to be more important than opportunities to evolve.

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