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More than half the time, shopping is that one task that becomes time consuming and exhausting if you don’t put down what you need and where to get it from. But then again, you can’t always be sure of what is it that you wish to purchase. Going from one shop to another is tiring and confusing too, you’ll doubt the quality of the product, bargaining and questioning the unreasonably high price, wondering what else a company/shop has to offer, what giveaway you could get and most importantly if you’re spending wisely. So what if we gave you a quick and reliable remedy to all of these problems? What if you no longer have to fear this arduous task?

Hold your breath folks; we introduce you to “TOWNTAWKS”.

Whether you feel like window shopping or actually intend to buy something TOWNTAWKS will assist you in both of these. So sit back and relax, with your laptops or smartphones in hand, consider you shopping half done all thanks to “TOWNTAWKS”.


TownTawks, in its own words, is “bringing products in your nearby shops online as shopkeepers manage their stock thus enabling consumers to make smart purchasing decisions.”

Even though they have started it out with bringing shops, which deal in smartphones and other gadgets, online they are working their utmost to expand it to all sorts of merchandise including clothing, cosmetics and much more.

It helps retailers put all their products online, once they have done so, they wouldn’t need to constantly update the information regarding them. All they have to do is manage the stock and the information is updated automatically.

It significantly bridges the gaps between customers and retailers, helping customers narrow down the exact purchase they want to make, from the nearest shops in their vicinity. It shall keep the customers informed about the latest arrivals in the shops to the coolest deals it can offer.


Time is money and in our busy, pre-planned frenzied lifestyle we hardly have the time to roam around markets selecting items we need. The concept behind it simple, efficient and well thought. They have connected the real world shopping with adequate online guidance.

For customers items can be viewed easily and once you know what to buy, they also assist in tracking down the shop location.

For retailers it is bliss, customers can directly view their products online and they don’t miss out any of their latest deals. Easy stock management with quick and competent marketing helps to stream in customers.

TownTawks also gives reviews and blogs about the latest phones, highlighting their pros and cons telling you what is what! The best of the best and worst amongst the best, it describes them all. Their website helps you make up your mind about which phone to buy and where to buy it.



Since TownTawks for the time being focuses on smartphones and gadgets, hence the procedure is as follows. (They’ll be introducing more items soon)

It eases your life by helping you to not only find the right items at the right price but also the exact place where you can have them. You can enter the brand name and view the phones with their price and description. TownTawks puts forth the location and shops where you can buy your phone from. Meaning you save both time and energy.

For retailers too, this brings about a lot of comfort because just by managing their stock as they already had been doing, they enjoy real time marketing of their products happening online with automation.



Well, stupendous isn’t it? Who you may think are the masterminds behind such a remarkable start up. Well look no further, The Appjuice introduces you to the team behind “TownTawks”.

Founder and CEO Irfan Elahi who specializes in Electrical Engineering, IP Networking, Data Analytics, Cloud Computing, Marketing, Sales, Multimedia Designing, Public Speaking & Content Writing, and other team members include:

Arslan Asad – the Picasso of Financials, Part-CIMA qualified and is charismatic in capitalizing the financials.

Raza Ali – He is the one bringing his expertise in Marketing. He has also been a part of the marketing campaigns of Olpers, Zong & Ufone. Also he brings in his exceptional skills in finance and budgeting of TownTawks.

Ahad , the youngest team member, with more than three years of Sales Experience  customer relationship management skills, he is leading the sales of TownTawks along with interfacing with their recent affiliate marketing partner, Uni Advertiser.

Hammaad- meet the rockstar of TownTawks. He is the software architect with amazing development and problem solving skills and is convicted that “the learning experience of working in a startup is simply unrivaled compared to software engineering jobs in typical software houses”

Working under his supervision are, Rana Bilal & Raza Malik, collectively involved in core & front end development of Towntawks. They are plugged in for hours making the product impeccable.

Last but not the least, Ehtsham Elahi (Data Scientist Engineer – NetFlix) brother of Irfan Elahi) whose contributions are numerous. The whole TownTawks owes him a lot for believing in this concept and in this team. Their mentors also include Hammad Siddiqui & Armaghan Saqib.

Round of applause to this wonderful team! Each and every one of them is a hundred percent dedicated to make TownTawks better than the best. They truly deserve a great appreciation for their untiring and persistent hard work.

Bravo guys! We wish you all the very best for the future!

Written by Fatima Muhammed
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