Toyota Pakistan Shuts Down Car Production for the 3rd time this year.

Written by Abdul Raffay ·  1 min read >

Indus Motors Company (IMC), the automobile manufacturing giant has stopped car manufacturing for half of September, that is a total of 15 days of non-productivity. An official at IMC is stated to have said “half of the current month is off.

This isn’t the first time that the automobile giant had to shut off its production cycle, according to an un-named official at IMC, the company has faced similar situation back in July with 8 days of Non-Production as well as 11 to 12 days of drought in August.

Apparently, there are several reasons to account for these droughts in production; from the imposition of the Federal Exercise Duty and the devaluation of the rupee, custom duty has also increased on various car parts. This has caused car prices to spike up to an extreme level of unaffordability by many.

According to sources, the IMC plant and countrywide dealership network has seen a decrease in purchase which has resulted in Toyota Cars piling up, numbering up to 3000. For the month of September the Toyota Plant has been operating at a 50% capacity.

The production and sales of Toyota Fortuner for the month of July and August plunged down to 232 and 162 units from 484 and 424 units of last year during the same months. This means that Toyota has been sustaining a blow of 52% and 62% respectively.

For the months of July and August the Toyota Corolla production and sales have dropped to
5,308 units and 3,708 units respectively from last year’s 8,804 and 8,770 units in the same months, incurring a loss of 40% and 57% respectively.

Meanwhile the Toyota Hilux production dropped down to 793 units and 716 units for the months of July and August from 1,383 and 1,292 units during the same monthly period pf last year, suffering a percentage loss of 43% and 45% respectively.