Twitter’s monthly active users unchanged in Q2

Written by Ali Leghari ·  57 sec read >

Social media platforms are trying their level best to increase their revenue and user growth across the whole globe, however, some social platforms such as Twitter is not performing well. According to recent reports by media outlets, Twitter’s monthly active users are unchanged in Q2 of 2017. The company started well at the start of 2017, reaching 328 million total users.

The company revealed that its revenue has declined by five percent and the advertising revenue fell eight percent. A leading analyst, Trip Chowdhry, argued that Twitter’s “fundamentals are broken”, the platform has failed to reach masses and to generate good revenue in the process as well.

On the contrary Twitter’s rival, Facebook is gaining good momentum in both revenue and user base. As Twitter’s user growth has halted, Facebook’s user base has reached to two billion, making Facebook world’s largest social site. Moreover, in a bid to increase its revenue Facebook has decided to launch home screen ads on Messenger across the globe.

This shows the difference in approach of both social sites, one is trying testing out ideas to increase its users and revenue while other is not doing much progress, resulting in poor user and revenue growth.

Jan Dawson of Jackdaw Research said in a tweet, “Both Facebook and Twitter have talked about working to convince advertisers of the value of their ads.” However, he further asserted that Facebook is growing “rapidly” while Twitter is not.

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Apart from poor user growth, Twitter has recently updated its platform, allowing users to mute notifications from anonymous accounts.