Uber Pin Code: An all new safety solution

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January 9, 2020
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Uber is getting seriously concerned about the riders stepping into the wrong car. This new feature is available from this week to all the users residing in the USA and Canada. The users would be able to supply a pin code to the right driver before stepping in their car. Once the code is verified from both ends, the trip would further proceed.

For enabling the feature, go to the setting and apply the pin code. It could be applied to all car rides or only for night trips happening between 9 PM to 6 AM. This feature was initially previewed by the company in September. It wasn’t however widely approachable all over the country until now. Before this time, the pin code security feature was only available as a seven-city pilot.

The ride-hailing giant came up with this feature as a response to the murder of Samantha Josephson, a student who was killed after sitting and hailing in a wrong Uber. However, Uber had started displaying the captain name and number plate of the car a long time ago but not many people gave attention to this feature. So, it is widely believed by the company using pin code by the rider and the captain will reduce the number of tragedies drastically.

Rebecca Payne the senior product manager at Uber is the brains behind the development of this feature. In an interview, she said: “They can see the conformation before getting into the vehicle and they don’t have to take the driver’s word of it. The license plate is not going to match another license plate that’s out on the road, and so that is a great piece of information that rider can validate before getting in the car.”

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