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Video of exploding iPhone 7 Plus goes viral, Apple is looking into the matter

Written by Maheen Kanwal ·  59 sec read >

A video of smoking iPhone 7 Plus has been going viral on Twitter and freaking everyone out.

An American teen, Brianna Olivas, said that her rose gold iPhone 7 Plus started smoking right before it exploded yesterday. She shared a video on Twitter which showed smoke coming out from the side of the phone. The smoke first melted the case of the phone and then the phone exploded.

Olivas said that a couple of days ago she was having trouble to turn her iPhone on, which she bought from Sprint in January. She took it to the Apple Store where the staff ran some tests on iPhone and it started working normally again. Next day, the iPhone started smoking on the dresser. She was not even using the phone at that time, nor was it on charging. Her boyfriend recorded it with his camera and then immediately threw the iPhone in the restroom where it exploded.

People have retweeted the photos and video of the smoking iPhone 7 thousands of times since yesterday. A similar thing happened with Samsung Note 7 last year. The insulation failure led to the heating of batteries in case of Note 7 and some people are giving the same theories about iPhone 7 Plus. Others are saying that may be the case caused the iPhone to heat up.

The girl reached out to the Apple Store where several tests are being conducted to know the root cause of the problem. An Apple Spokesperson told Mashable, “We are in touch with the customer and looking into it.”

We will update you when there is an official statement from Apple

Source: Mashable

Written by Maheen Kanwal
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