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Why it is time for Pakistani Companies & Startups to embrace Managed Cloud Hosting – $30 Giveaway

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Lowered costs, accelerated deployments, lower downtime, a decrease in cart abandonment and agile response rate to market opportunities and challenges – these are only a few reasons why businesses are leveraging their resources towards managed cloud hosting. This holds true for small-medium businesses, and especially, e-commerce store owners. The flexibility and the agility of Managed Cloud Hosting systems enable website developers and IT experts to find ways to make every tasks and job easier, smoother, effective, and more efficient.

Managed Cloud Hosting is still an evolving technology that has the potential to help you grow your business without worrying much about resource management. No, it is not a place it and forget it technology; rather, it enables business owners and stakeholders to focus their energy on acquiring customers. Managed Cloud Hosting helps you to reduce your operational costs and streamline business processes without any fuss.

A number of organizations are providing Managed Cloud Hosting services making it difficult for users to choose the best. So, how do you select the one that best fits your need? You choose a provider that is a dedicated Managed Cloud Hosting service provider, offering the best Cloud infrastructures options, multiple web applications, tons of features for decreasing page-load times, value for users, 24/7 support and an exceptional service.

Cloudways, a Managed Cloud Hosting provider, has been helping businesses across the globe to get onboard the Managed Cloud. With Cloudways, users can deploy multiple web applications like WordPress, Magento, Drupal, Joomla, and, any PHP based application with unlimited staging environments. Cloudways makes Speed, Security, and Reliability a priority while serving its customers. Cloudways is trusted by customers from around the Globe and has been mentioned on Forbes, VentureBeat, and 451 Research.

Why Should You Move To Managed Cloud Hosting With Cloudways?

Following are the top most impacts of hosting your website on Managed Cloud Hosting on the Cloudways Platform.

1. Cost Savings

Most startups owners, especially e-commerce owners, have a myopic approach towards cost savings. They are not economical in their approach. Businesses believe that Managed Cloud Hosting is expensive. However, that is not the case. When you step into Cloudways, you see that they have packages to suit everyone’s pockets. Secondly, once you embrace a Managed Cloud Platform, you eliminate the hassle of buying expensive IT infrastructures or investing in such as it frees you up from managing and maintaining IT systems. This gives you space to concentrate on your core competency. Additionally, Cloudways works on the Pay-As-You-Go method, meaning, you will only be charged for the number of hours you are going to use your servers.

2. Speed

Speed matters. Whether you run an online store, a web agency, blog or an active website for a small business, one of the biggest aspects that customers, in general, look for is speed. As a general rule, a customer would spend about 3 seconds on your website before making a decision to whether stay on your website or leave. Customers do not like waiting for answers or assistance. That is one of the reasons why Cloudways is a preferred choice. With the lowest page load times and blazing fast website speeds, Cloudways makes sure customers do not have to wait to get served. Cloudways Platform gives users one of the fastest speed with optimal performance. Read more about it here.

3. Scalability

Black Friday is coming up and almost all the e-commerce stores in Pakistan would be gearing to grab a chunk of the Black Friday sales. Website traffic is going to see a huge spike and customers would not want to see a Blackout website on Black Friday. This is where Scalability steps into the frame. On Cloudways, scaling your server is as simple as 1-2-3. Even a Social Media Executive can take care of server scaling if he is a part of the Team or has access to the Platform.

4. ThunderStack

Cloudways Managed Cloud Hosting is backed by the superior caching mechanism of ThunderStack, an in-house caching recipe. ThunderStack ensures that your website loads in a flash, helping you rank higher in Google Search and making sure that your customers are never enticed to leave your site. This caching mechanism comes in real handy for e-commerce business owners and bloggers.

5. Employee Collaboration

With Cloudways, you can save up on quality time and resources by collaborating with your team from within the Platform. You can create awesome projects, applications, and websites – all from inside the Platform area using the Team Feature of Cloudways. Additionally, you can assign responsibilities to your team members for server related tasks – billing, support, and, console.

6. Improved Security

Security is a priority at Cloudways, and that is why we provide FREE SSL Certificates powered by Let’s Encrypt, real-time OS Patches for your servers, and pre-installed WordFence. Besides these add-ons, our experts Cloud Engineers monitor your server 24/7 to ensure optimum level of security.

Still not impressed?

Well, here is your chance to explore Managed Cloud Hosting with Cloudways.

On signing up now, you will be entitled to TWO MONTHS FREE MANAGED CLOUD HOSTING FROM CLOUDWAYS. This is exclusively for TechJuice users!

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There’s more!

You not only get Two Months FREE Managed Cloud Hosting but will also receive ONE FREE Migration, done by our experts. On top of this, you can get your email hosted with RackSpace for only $1/month!

Here is how to get started:

  1. Sign up using your e-mail, LinkedIn or Github Account.1
  2. Once inside the Platform, choose your Application.You then have to give a name to your application, along with a name to your server and Projects.2
  3. Now select your Cloud Infrastructure provider. Please note: To avail the FREE credit, you can only launch Vultr or DigitalOcean.3
  4. Choose your Server SizeSelect your server size based on your website traffic. On average, if you have 0-100000 views on your website, a 1GB server would suffice.4

Select Your LocationOn Cloudways, all Data Centers of the providers are integrated. From Asia to Europe, you are covered. Select your Server Location based on the target audience your website is made for, as this reduced the latency factor.


Keep an eye on the Price and Click Launch! Your server will be ready in a few minutes.

You are done! In a few minutes, you will have a Cloud Server ready on top of your Chosen Cloud with tons of features to complement your online business.

Start exploring, deploy a test website or migrate your business to the Cloud and reap the benefits of optimal customer conversion with Cloudways.

Please note: You have to authorize your Credit Card to avail the $30 Discount. Don’t worry, You will not be charged until your $30 Credit Expires.

Written by Cloudways
Cloudways, a European-based Managed Cloud Hosting Platform provider, enables web application hosting for developers, designers, bloggers, ecommerce store owners, and web agencies. Users have the option of deploying Cloud servers from DigitalOcean, Vultr, Kyup, Google, and Amazon, without going through the technicalities involved. Cloudways offers an entirely flexible, hassle-free hosting solution that is superior in performance and speed due to the custom-built caching mechanism, ThunderStack. Profile