Windows 10 Reaches a whopping 75 Million Devices

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Microsoft finally launched Windows 10 last month and despite some glitches in updating for some people, the PC Operating System is already running on more than 75 Million devices.

Windows 10’s final release version was launched on the 29th of July, but many were left waiting for the highly-anticipated operating system as Microsoft adopted the method of a slow roll-out. Also, there were some issues in updating systems for many but if we are to believe Microsoft’s word on how many systems Windows 10 is running on today, it hasn’t affected the speed at which Windows 10 is spreading around the world.

The Corporate Vice President of Windows and Devices Group at Microsoft, Yusuf Mehdi, took to twitter today to announce the new figures for Windows 10,

75 Million Devices in just under a month is really an impressive feat. To put that into perspective, it took Microsoft a whole month to sell just a meagre 40 Million licences in a month, and “licences sold” doesn’t necessarily mean the same thing. It is clear that Windows 10 is a big hit and is taking the world by a storm. Since Windows 10 is free for users of Windows 8 as well as Windows 7, it is another big incentive for people to upgrade their systems.

Windows 10 is the successor to the somewhat-disappointing Windows 8 and aims to rectify the mistakes Microsoft did in the touch-focussed UI of Windows 8. In an attempt to make its operating system more appealing for touch-users, the software giant did a complete revamp which didn’t really go well with most hardcore Windows users, especially the removal of the start button and the big full-screen apps. The new version of Windows has tried to pick the best of Windows 7 as well as the favorite-features of 8 to make an impressive operating system, which has gone down really well with fans of the old as well as the new Windows. To top that off, glowing reviews from all over the media doesn’t hurt either.

Source- Yusuf Mehdi, Twitter

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