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With Morinaga partnership, Airlift opens up Platform Intelligence on q-commerce

Written by Usman Aslam ·  50 sec read >

As the market leader in q-commerce in Pakistan, Airlift has amassed significant market intelligence on user behaviors. Leveraging the wealth of data, Airlift has entered into a strategic partnership with Morinaga, a renowned Japanese manufacturer of milk, nutrition and dairy products with global presence.

As part of the strategic partnership, Airlift will offer in-app advertising and platform visibility solutions to assist Morinaga with its winning q-commerce strategy on the platform. This is a key part of Airlift’s strategy to monetize search and visibility features. In addition to engaging in paid advertisements on the Airlift platform, Morinaga will provide supply directly – this is a key part of the partnership strategy to improve stock availability for customers on the platform.

“In the milk, nutrition and dairy category, our 30-minute delivery offering is proving to be an incredibly strong product-market fit – customers value the convenience aspect of getting high quality products delivered quickly and seamlessly,” said Meeran Sheikh, Large Markets and Ads Platform Lead at Airlift.

In the nutrition category, Morinaga has built a leadership position. On supply-side integrations, Airlift’s strategy is built around entering into strategic partnerships with category leaders to improve assortment and stock availability for customers.

“At the very core, Airlift views Q-Commerce as a supply chain business – supply-side integrations are a core part of our strategy to bring a distinguished offering to our customers,” said Syed Ismail Ali, Large Markets Partnerships Lead at Airlift.

Written by Usman Aslam
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