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With Over 1000 Tons of Produce Delivered in first 3 months, EasyFresh is on its way to disrupt the Agri-Supply Chain in Pakistan

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EasyFresh Technologies – an agri-tech supply chain startup within just 3 months of operations, has sourced an unprecedented 1,000 tons of fresh vegetables and fruits from farmers and delivered them directly to retailers.
The startup, through innovative tech and lean supply chain processes, connects farmers with fruit and vegetable shop-owners. The fruits and vegetables supply chain is dominated by middlemen. Their monopoly of controlling the prices and the overall supply & demand has resulted in farmers not getting a fair price for their produce. This constant exploitation has left them with little to no financial stability.

On the other hand, the retailers suffer as they don’t receive quality fruits and vegetables timely and consistently. By eliminating the middlemen’s cut EasyFresh has helped increase the profits of both farmers and retailers.
As far as the impact is concerned, the startup has already onboarded 1000+ retailers, created 100+ direct jobs, and extended its operations from Islamabad to Karachi. It has empowered farmers in far-flung areas including Gilgit Baltistan, Mastung Balochistan, KP, Sindh, and Punjab.

Muhammad Mustafa, the CEO stated,

“We are very happy and grateful for the overwhelming response that we have received from both farmers and the retailers. It shows the huge opportunity that we have in this $20 billion agriculture sector of Pakistan. We look forward to continuing with this momentum and creating a positive social and economic impact in the lives of our stakeholders, which includes farmers, retailers and truckers.”

On the tech side, the startup has already launched its retailer app that lets the shopkeepers order their daily supplies at the best-in-market rates, without the hassle of early-morning marketplace trips. The EasyFresh team has also developed tech solutions to fully automate their procurement, warehouse, and delivery systems.

“We believe leveraging tech is the only way to overcome the inefficiencies in the agri-tech supply chain. Through our in-house systems and solutions we are providing real-time tracking and getting customer feedback so we deliver a delightful experience to our end users.” said Asim Ghaffar, Co-Founder EasyFresh Technologies

EasyFresh started from the desire of the co-founders to play their part in bringing down inflation across the country. By removing inefficiencies in the agri supply chain, the team hopes to bring down the prices of vegetables and fruits across the country, thus benefiting consumers, farmers, and retailers.

With a 3x month on month growth rate and operations spreading across Pakistan the startup is all set to shape the future of agri-tech in Pakistan. For more details about the startup visit:

Written by Usman Aslam
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