Women Tech Summit in Karachi to provide a platform for women techpreneurs to network and grow

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Women Tech Summit, a one-day conference is being held on the 21st of December in the National Incubation Center (NIC) Karachi. The event is being organized by Empower-HER in collaboration with NIC Karachi. Female industry veterans, experts and startup owners are expected to attend the Summit in masses.

According to the Summit’s manifesto, the event aims to “support the community of women currently working in technology and to help pave the way for women and young women who want to enter the industry.”

The Women Tech Summit’s organizers hope to establish the Summit as a Premier Technology Conference for women in the region and want to provide a platform for women belonging to the tech industry to come together and share their experiences/expertise with each other.

The Summit is based on a number of sub-events, such as tech workshops, seminars on the tech industry and how to pave your way through your professional careers in addition to discussions about ongoing trends in the industry. Last but not least, participants will be given access to industry leaders for guidance, thus providing opportunities for networking and communications.

The Summit places significant emphasis on the point that the technology industry does not comprise of programming exclusively. This is being done in a bid to counter the common narrative of programming being the sole component of the industry.

Women Techpreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs are likely to gain a lot from the conference, courtesy of the panel of experts available. Through discussions on how technology is changing business environments in Pakistan, the Summit is likely to provide heaps of guidance to participants on how to shape their business ideas.

Local startups and companies will get a chance to get themselves showcased at the event and gain knowledge about new technologies. This boost of information is bound to lead to the promotion of innovation and derivation of new opportunities in the growing tech industry in Pakistan.

Additionally, the Summit will work towards bridging the gap between like-minded individuals in the country, i.e. women techpreneurs who want to grow in the tech industry. This can go a long way in establishing a tech-centered community or dare I say, a tech “sisterhood”!

Here is the event’s agenda for the day:

  1. Registrations
  2. Welcome Note and Introduction to the event
  3. Discussions and Other Sessions:
  4. Guest Speaker sessions
  5. How to scale your startup?
  6. The era of Digitalization
  7. Panel discussion: How partnerships help startups win and how you can approach angel investors
  8. The impact of block chain
  9. Security and cyber-attacks – safeguarding the business
  10. The evolving world of E-commerce
  11. Closing remarks

Empower-HER has partnered up with NIC Karachi, the Ministry of Information Technology and Women Development Ministry to bring you the Women Tech Summit. Again, the event is being held on the 21st of December in NIC Karachi. You can register for the event from here (there’s NO registration fee!).

TechJuice is proud to announce that we are the Official Media and Outreach Partners of the Women Tech Summit.

Written by Shehryar Ahmed
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