Xbox One X is Microsoft’s fastest selling console to date

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Microsoft has announced that the Xbox One X has set a new record in pre-orders and it is currently sold out in many countries around the world. The announcement was made by Mike Nichols who is the Vice President of Marketing for Xbox at Microsoft.

He said that the fans had pre-ordered the Project Scorpio edition in the first five days more than any other Xbox console in history. While fans may no longer be able to pre-order the special edition now in some countries, the VP promised that Microsoft will be releasing details of Xbox One X standard edition next month.

The only problem here is that he didn’t release any sales figures so it is hard to judge the success of the console. The statement of Mike Nichols would have been more impactful if sales data was revealed too.

“Microsoft has done it again! The innovation and power behind the new Xbox One X console is driving excitement and demand among our customers worldwide,”

said Bob Puzon, senior vice president of Merchandising for GameStop.

“The speed at which we sold through our initial pre-order supply surpassed expectations, and what we experienced with pre-orders for the original Xbox One console. This new system is definitely going to change how video games are played!”

Xbox One X is Microsoft’s answer to Sony PS4 Pro and promises 4K gaming at an affordable price of $499. The problem, however, is that the console lacks exclusives in comparison to its rival but it would seem that fans aren’t worried about that bit. Microsoft is also going to enhance 100+ games for the Xbox One X and cross-play will allow you to play certain multiplayer titles on PC as well. They are also in talks with Sony to implement the feature across the PlayStation network too.

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